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23rd November 2022

I recently spoke on the topic of the Enabling Tools for Human-Machine Symbiosis in the webinar on Advances in Human Machine Interfaces: Robotics and Automation Towards Industry 5.0. Integrated Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins can give humans and machines critical information just-in-time, anywhere to achieve Digitally Connected Workforce and Enterprise. This webinar was chaired by Prof Mourtzis Dimitris, and together with Prof Wang Lihui, we shared with the participants on our researches in Human-Machine Interfaces.

29th October 2022

I shared with an excited and lively audience on Nurturing a love for STEM in Girls at the United Women Singapore STEM Festival. STEM is all around us, in our everyday experience, our everyday objects, such as a toothbrush. I hope we will see increase women representation in STEM education and careers in the near future!
I have been with the Girls2Pioneers initiative when it was first launched in 2014. (Photo credits United Women Singapore)

20th October 2022

I presented a plenary at the 13th IFAC Symposium on Robot Control (SYROCO 2021-2022) on 20th October 2022.  I shared with the participants on the topic of “Augmented Reality Application in Robotics”. Augmented Reality (AR) has been widely applied in the industry, in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) research and Human-Robot collaboration (HCI) research. This presentation provided an overview of some of the AR applications in robotics, and summarized the challenges and issues in the application of AR in robotics. The current limitation factors of human-machine symbiosis in robotics were also discussed.

28th September 2022

I participated as a jury member on Day 2 of jury round of Aegis Graham Bell Award. We witnessed amazing innovations in AR/VR presented by @Tranvancore Analytics, CDOT, @AugTraveller, DigitalArtVRe, HCLTech, 47Billion, Ikarus 3D, Custom Technologies.

7th February 2022

Happy to share that I am featured in the Singapore Science Centre’s DiscovHER 2022 festival that was held 11-13 February 2022. February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science, as declared by the United Nations. I am proud be part of this DiscovHER 2022 festival as part of a global effort to support and promote women and girls in their participation in STEM.

23th November 2021

Honored to be invited by Dr Yi Su to participate in the 2 Roundtable Sessions in the A*STAR Future of Manufacturing Summit 2021 ( Enjoyed the robust and good discussions with the other leaders in the industry on “Framing Industry 4.0 Value Proposition to Change Mindsets & Gain Buy-In” and “Practical Approaches to Right-Pacing & Right Sizing Transformation”.

18th November 2021

Happy to have participated as a Speaker at the National Engineers Day (NED) 2021, held from 9 to 20 November 2021 by the Singapore Institute of Engineers. Shared with the audience on the topic of “We need more women to study engineering and become an engineer!” and presented WomenInEngineering@NUS!

10th November 2021

I am honored to be invited by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) as one of the Plenary Speakers for the 2021 World Engineers Summit 10-12 November, on the theme of Engineering Towards a Post-Pandemic Sustainable World. Do visit the website and participate in this Summit!

8th September 2021

I shared a keynote presentation on the topic of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing for the INCASE2021 Conference.

9th February 2021

I was the Invited Panelist for United Women Singapore (UWS) with 3M Singapore online dialogue for 2021 International Day of Women and Girls in Science, 9 Feb 2021, which is also the launch of UWS and 3M’s partnership for Girls2Pioneers! I have been the Girls2Pioneers Ambassador for this programme since 2004.

14th August 2019

I conducted a sharing session at CHIJ Secondary Toa Payoh organised by Singapore Committee for UN Women #UNWomenSG. Shared with the students my journey in Engineering, the “Who, Why, How, What”.

6th March 2019

I gave an interview for Singapore Lian He Zao Bao 联合早报 on the development and application of Augmented Reality 沉浸式技术正从“娱乐化”向“功能化”转变.

1st March 2019

I gave a session on Augmented Reality in the Workplace 101 to the Aditya Birla Group Study Tour 2019 at NUS Enterprise Study Tour, organised by People Matters and NUS Enterprise.

2nd January 2019

NUS researchers among most prolific in Augmented Reality

Prof Andrew YC Nee and Prof SK Ong have been listed among the world’s top academic researchers in Augmented Reality (AR), based on a recent survey conducted by University of South Australia Professor Mark Billinghurst, one of the most renowned researchers in the field. Emeritus Professor Andrew Nee and Associate Professor Ong Soh Khim were ranked among the top 15 AR researchers across the globe in terms of number of papers published per academic.

1st June 2018

On June 1, 2018, I was the keynote speaker at the University of New South Wales @UNSW’s Michael Crouch Innovation Centre @MCICUNSW, where I talked about the application of augmented/virtual reality in the health care industry. I touched on the potentials of Augmented/Virtual Reality, health, healthcare and well-being, for their #VRHack weekend. The theme of the VRHack was “How might we use VR tech to improve health and well-being?”

17th May 2018

I was honored to serve as a Jury member for 4th Winsemius Awards, Singapore Dutch Chamber of Commerce, 17 May 2018. (Link)

3rd May 2018

I was a Panel Speaker, TechSummit 2018 / CIO Summit 2018, Theme: Exploring the Real Life Applications of Augmented Reality, 3 May 2018.


8th March 2018

I spoke on the need for more female engineers on the International Women’s Day 8th March 2018, in a write-up published by NUS News.

8th March 2018

I spoke On Females In The Mechanical Engineering Profession In celebration of International Women’s Day 2018, organised by PageGroup Singapore, which presents a trio of videos profiling females in the STEM profession. In this first instalment, I gave my views on unconscious gender biases at the NUS Mechanical Engineering faculty.

15th November 2017

I spoke at the NTUC – U Women’s Network Progression Forum for Women in STEM: What Works for Women at Work, 2017.

14th July 2016

I was the winner for the Science & Technology for the Great Women Of Our Time 2015

13rd November 2015

I was the Grand Final Judge, Project Inspire, UN Women Singapore Committee, 13 November 2015.

27th October 2014

I was the Invited Speaker for UN Women Singapore STEM Programme Girls2Pioneers Workshop at Raffles Girls’ School, 27 October 2014.


13th August 2014

I had a wonderful time with the students participants of the Workshop on Innovative Leadership: Taking Charge of Solution, as part of the PL-NYC (National Youth Council, Singapore) Student Leadership Conference on 13 August 2014.

19th July 2014

I was the Invited Speaker for Session “Women in Engineering”, National Engineers Day 19 July 2014, organized by Institute of Engineers Singapore. I spoke on “Why are you not an Engineer?”

30th June 2014

I was the Panel Speaker for the IFUW seminar in Singapore, in partnership with the Singapore Committee for UN Women, and International Federation of University Women IFUW Member, the University Women’s Association Singapore (UWAS). Entitled, Increasing Access to Education for Girls & Women in Asia: Solutions for Success.

17th April 2014

I was an invited Panel Speaker for UN Women Singapore Committee – Public Launch of Women in STEM Programme Title of talk: Women in STEM, 17 April 2014

18th March 2014

I was an invited Panel Speaker for UN Women Singapore Committee – Private Launch of Women in STEM Programme Title of talk: Women in STEM, 18th March 2014

26th December 2013

I spoke on the topic of “Why Engineering” in the video for the National University of Singapore Faculty of Engineering.

13th November 2013

I conducted a workshop for Singapore Youth Award – SYA-McDonald’s Be Inspired Conference 2013 Title: Why are you not a scientist? (Workshop Speaker), 9 November 2013



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