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Welcoming new blood into NUS PEACE (AY15/16)


Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you to all of you who came down for our Welcome Tea and Annual General Meeting (AGM)! To those who are interested in our sub-committees, namely NUS CatCafe, NUS Paw Friends and NUS PEACE Therapy Dogs Programme (TDP), just drop a PM to their Facebook page or email them directly 🙂 If you have no idea what NUS PEACE’s sub-groups do, this post would (hopefully) provide you with a clearer picture.

We had quite the crowd at the Welcome Tea, held on 19 Aug 2015 at LT32 in the Science faculty. The session started off with our outgoing NUS PEACE Project Director, Dewi, introducing the workings of the interest group to the audience.

2015 Aug Welcome Tea PEACE main comm(3)

Other than our three ongoing subsidiaries, NUS PEACE is in charge of the Projects Management sub-committee, which provides support and advice for anyone interested in implementing new projects, whether you are a member of PEACE or not. Keep a look out on our social media pages for any updates!

NUS PEACE talks&seminars (2011-2013)

Posters of past NUS PEACE events

Next, our current NUS Paw Friends Project Director, Denise, continued the session by introducing this project to help out at partner animal shelters fortnightly. Volunteers visit one of our partner shelters, either Mdm Wong’s Shelter or Uncle Khoe’s K9, to bathe and walk the dogs. Other than shelter visits, NUS Paw Friends helps to fundraise for various animal shelters through events such as annual calender drives. Most importantly, we hope to spread the message of adopting, rather than buying. If you are too busy to volunteer, any donations to these animal shelters would contribute towards resolving rental, food or medical costs.

2015 Aug Welcome Tea pawfriends(1)

Here is Denise, on the right, introducing NUS Paw Friends

Then, the outgoing Project Director of NUS PEACE Therapy Dogs Programme (TDP), Chiyiyin, briefed the audience on TDP, an event held once every semester right before the exam period. The main objective of this is to relieve students’ stress with some canine therapy, courtesy of the volunteers at Therapy Dogs Singapore (TDS), a non-profit group dedicated to providing animal assisted therapy, mainly to society’s disadvantaged.

TDP is looking for exco members for their subcommittee for the academic year 2015/2016; do email them at to enquire!

2015 Aug Welcome Tea pawfriends(2)

Look out for this semester’s TDP nearer to Week 11 to 13!

Last but not least, our current project director of NUS CatCafe, Kiran, gave an informative talk on its inner workings (note: NOT a literal cat cafe). Other than managing the campus cat population through the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) programme, which includes sterilising and feeding the cats responsibly, NUS CatCafe also holds various events every semester.

To help NUS CatCafe spot new cats around the campus, just upload photos of the felines onto their Facebook group, where you can also connect with fellow feline admirers. In the event that NUS CatCafe needs funds to resolve sterilisation and trapping costs, you could also help by donating to these appeals.

2015 Aug Welcome Tea catcafe(1)

Kiran, NUS CatCafe’s current project director, explaining the merits of TNRM

After the introductory talks, it was time for the audience to mingle with the NUS PEACE committee members! Here is where interested

2015 Aug Welcome Tea q&a2015 Aug Welcome Tea catcafe(2)2015 Aug Welcome Tea tdp(1)

A huge thank you to everyone who came down to our Welcome Tea! In our next blog post, we would introduce the new NUS PEACE executive committee in AY2015/2016, after NUS PEACE TDP has selected a new project director, together with snippets of the Annual General Meeting.

2015 Aug Welcome Tea all exco(1)

Bye for now, and see you again in the next post 🙂 (In the foreground is Mr. Siva, one of NUS PEACE’s staff advisors, and credits to him for the Welcome Tea photos!)

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