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September 18, 2015
by x

[SIGNUPS] CatWalk’15

CatWalk'15 Poster


Hey Everyone!

Come join us for CatWalk’15 — a feline-filled night adventure* around our Kent Ridge Campus, where we will be visiting and sharing anecdotes on our resident cats, as well as touching on various cat-related topics that maintain student-cat coexistence.

Date: 9 October 2015, Friday
Time: 6:30 – 9:00pm approximately
Meeting Point: The Deck (FASS Canteen)

Signups @
Limited vacancies ( on a first come, first served basis) to prevent spooking our feline friends.
Signups are FREE! Successful applicants will be informed relevant details closer to the actual date.

Look forward to meeting you guys (:

For enquiries, please contact us at
*Route to be taken will be shared at a later date. Subject to weather and circumstance.

August 24, 2015
by jiaen

NUS PEACE Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2015


Hi everyone!

This is for those interested in NUS PEACE, but have missed our welcome tea :) NUS PEACE will be having our Annual General Meeting (AGM) this Wednesday (26 Aug 2015) at LT32 from 6pm to 8pm.

Do come at 6pm to chat with our members, and stay on as we pass on the baton to the incoming executive committee (though the latter is optional)!

Keep a lookout for this page and our social media sites, as we update you on future events we might need your help with :)

See you there!

July 15, 2015
by kiranshukbir

Trapping of Spot

Meet Spot; a recent addition to the NUS community cats! Spot resides at the Business school’s canteen and is fed and cared for by nearby staff.

It was trapped on 21st June 2015 for sterilisation and was returned safely back on 23rd June 2015. We would also like to specially thank Ms Su Yian for assisting us in this process!

May 31, 2015
by kiranshukbir

Trapping of Ashy

Here’s an update on one of our dearest community cats, Ashy.

Ashy began residing at the basement 1 of the Create building. On 14th May, one of our regular feeders noticed a trap placed at the same area. Later, they chanced upon the man who placed the trap. He also mentioned that the cat would be sent to SPCA.
cattrap We have a working policy with the Office of Facilities Management not to trap the cats. Hence, an email was sent to the Utown management, detailing the incident and requesting for any possible leads. As we have a collaboration with them, they swiftly linked us up to Create’s Management (CM).

On 18 May, we met with senior property officer of CM to discuss the incident & possible solutions. The trap was placed as they had received complaints (of Cat smell/sounds) from the staff at Create. Thus, they had planned to trap & release Ashy elsewhere in Utown. We then came to a mutual agreement for NUS CatCafe to handle the trapping & relocating of Ashy. They were looking for assistance & was glad that we came forward. It was also agreed that Ashy will continue to be fed.

We secured a slot with our trapper for 25th May. However, a spur of events occurred during the weekend & we decided to trap Ashy. On 22th May, one of our feeders were approached by the same person who had placed the trap. He stated that the pest control would be arriving to remove the cat. We queried CM of this incident.  Ultimately, a miscommunication had occurred as the pest control was only called to remove the trap.

Nevertheless, we decided to step in and trap Ashy on 23rd May. With the kind help of NTU Cat Management Network, Ashy was successfully trapped at about 1:30pm & was sterilised on 25th May. Ashy was relocated to the Science faculty on 26th May.

AshyBoth Utown and Create’s management are informed of the successful trapping. The Create management will work closely with us should they need our assistance in any related matters. We would like to thank both managements for all their effort and assistance in this incident. A special thank you to NTUCMN, Kevin & Sabrina for assisting in the trapping. Lastly, a big thank you to our lovely feeders from Utown for keeping watch over the community cats and ensuring their wellbeing!

*If you spot Ashy on campus (Science faculty), do let us know via email or Facebook. Contact us at for any enquiries.
Update (25 June 2015): Ashy had traveled back to UTOWN and resides there now; continues to be managed by our feeders.