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Trapping of Rosa & her kittens

May 28, 2015 by kiranshukbir | 0 comments

Hello everyone!

The Science faculty recently welcomed a lovely litter of multi-coloured kittens!
Rosa, one of our Science cats, was spotted by a passing student on 16th April. We followed Rosa and discovered her 6 kittens. Within the next few weeks, we swiftly began the TNRM process.

On 21st April, 2 of the kittens were trapped. On 24th April, we managed to trap 2 more kittens that later joined their siblings. The fifth kitten was trapped on 30th April.  All 5 kittens were kindly fostered by our senior advisers, Dr Keven and Dr Wei Ling.
From left to right: Schrodinger, Ezra, Tesla, Nightingale

Finally, Rosa and her last kitten, Marshmallow, was trapped on 19 May and sent to a fosterer,

Rosa and her kittens were reunited at the vet where Rosa was also sterilized. They are now taken care of and are in the midst of the adoption process.

A special thanks to the NUS Cat Café team and our kind fosterers for helping out in this process!

*We are still looking for adopters. Please feel free to email us at or simply fill in the form if you are keen to adopt these adorable kittens!


April 14, 2015
by jiaen

[Signups] NUS CatCafe x Love Kuching Project: Feline Therapy Programme 2015

Hi everyone!

NUS CatCafe would be collaborating with Love Kuching Project, a cat rescue group, to organise the very first Feline Therapy Programme in NUS! This programme is aimed at NUS students, with the objective of relieving some of the exam-induced stress, and also to learn more about cats.

Love Kuching Project has started this therapy programme since last year at two nursing homes, Thye Hwa Kuan @ Ang Mo Kio, and Renci Nursing Home. To learn more about the ongoing programmes at both nursing homes, do visit here and here to take a look!

[Feline Therapy] Poster

Date: 18 April 2015 (Sat)

Time: 2.30-4.30pm (2 sessions of 1h each)

Venue: NUS UTown, Town Plaza Level 2, Seminar Room 10 (above Koufu food court)

Do sign up at this link to register for the event:! Slots are limited, and would be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

See you there!


January 3, 2015
by kevinkucinta

Trapping of Belle and her kittens

Happy New Year to everyone!

On 17th December 2014, Belle was trapped for sterilisation, and released a few days later back at S9.

IMG_20141230_191457Belle before her sterilisation

On 21st December, Belle’s 4 kittens were trapped, with a solid plan for their fostering and hopeful future adoption. After some tense moments of difficulty, the 4 kittens were trapped and sent to a fosterer. Hopefully, they will be adopted in time to come, with safer and more comfortable homes.

740108511_46034From left to right: Citrus, Thyme, Gingko and Anise

Many thanks to Sabrina, Fedeline and Aaron for helping out!


Email us at if you wish to find out more, or are keen to adopt these cute tuxedo kittens!


October 16, 2014
by jinhuan

NUS Cat Talk: Seeing Like a Cat (14 Oct 2014)

The third NUS Cat Talk organized by NUS Cat Cafe was successfully held on 14 October 2014. The theme for this Cat Talk is “Seeing like a Cat- Cats in our urban environment” where we aim to educate participants about the general behaviour of cats, as well as how they adapt to various living environments such as within housing estates.

Our first speaker was Mr. Siva from the department of Biological Sciences in NUS. He gave a very informative and interesting presentation on various research projects carried out by students which he supervised involving the study of cat activity, followed by an insight to how his own cats interact with each other and with humans in a household setting. He also educated the participants on the key behavioral characteristics of cats and introduced the Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) program which aims to manage cat communities, in order to reduce incidents which may lead to cat culling.

Mr. Siva sharing about his own cats

Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage program

Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage program

The next speaker was Ms Rebecca Ho from LingCat Feline Services who shared with us her personal experience as a cat lover who persisted to promote the welfare of community cats despite a lack of resources since a young age of 14. She emphasized that the common impression that people usually have about cat shelters is untrue, convincing the participants that cats get to enjoy a better quality of life living outside as compared to being confined to a small space. She also mentioned the phenomenon of cat hoarding, where people adopt multiple cats and keep them as pets in their household, and explained that it is not beneficial to the cats as their living standards may be compromised. A brief and well-rounded description was provided to show the various aspects that determine the general well-being of a cat.

Ms. Rebecca Ho enthusiastically sharing her personal experience

Ms. Rebecca Ho enthusiastically sharing her personal experience

How you think a Cat Shelter looks like

How you think a Cat Shelter looks like


How it really looks like

How it really looks like

Our third speaker, Mr Samuel Isaac Chua from Neko No Niwa (Cat Café), spoke about the rising trend of cat cafes and the factors that encouraged him to set up the very first cat café in Singapore. He shared that the cat cafes served as a new home to the adopted cats for them to be well taken care of in a loving environment.

Mr. Samuel Isaac Chua from Cat Café Neko No Niwa speaking about the recent trend of cat cafes

Mr. Samuel Isaac Chua from Cat Café Neko No Niwa speaking about the recent trend of cat cafes

Finally, this session of Cat Talk was concluded with a short presentation by Kevin, the project director of NUS Cat Café. He introduced the campus cats that are currently under the care and management of NUS Cat Café, debunking the common misconceptions that people might have about community cats using them as examples.

Kevin with our lovely campus cats!

Kevin with our lovely campus cats!

Cat pouncer toys and calendars for sale during the event

Cat pouncer toys and calendars for sale during the event

We have enjoyed this event very much and we would like to thank the speakers for their informative and enthusiastic presentations, as well as all the participants who took the time to join us!