Currently Teaching (NUS, ChBE)

CN1101A: Chemical Engineering Principles and Practice

CN2101: Materials and Energy Balances (1st half- Material Balances and Energy ss. balances)

CN3102: Chemical Engineering Laboratory (2nd half- Mini Lab Design Project)

CN3121: Process Dynamics and Control (2nd half- Control)

CN3124A: Fluid-Particle Systems (2nd half- Packed Beds, Fluid Beds, Pneumatic Conveying, Cyclones and Crystallization)

CN5111: Chemical Process Optimization (1st half)

SH5109: Biostatistics and Epidemiology (1st half- Biostatistics)

SH5104: Research Methodology (to start in AY2022/2023)

Modules taught:
Previously with Newcastle University-Singapore Institute of Technology Chemical Engineering (Singapore Modules)

CHE1011: Engineering Mathematics 1 (ODEs and Power Series)

CHE1012: Engineering Mathematics 2 (Module Lead)

CHE2015: Engineering Practice (Pressure Vessel Design)

CHE2017: Computing and Simulation (Module Lead)

CHE2021: Process Measurement, Dynamics and Control

CHE2032: Chemical Process Optimization (Module Lead)

CHE2031: Integrated Work Study Placement (Academic Supervisor)

CHE 3021: Process Control 2 (Module Lead)

CHE 3022: Solids Handling (Gas-solids separation and Crystallization)

CHE 3025: Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (Guest lecture, Supercritical Fluid Technologies)

CHE3031: Final Year Plant Design Project (Module Lead, coordinator and supervisor)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (previously with NewRIIS)

LNG and Gas Development – 5 day workshop Session on “Carbon dioxide separation in LNG processes using membranes”

Previously with Newcastle University in Singapore (Singapore Modules) (2012-2018)

CME2121: Engineering Practice (Heat Exchanger Networks)

CME3105: Solids Handling (Module Leader)

CME3110: Renewable Energy Technologies (Module Leader)

CME3103: Process Design, Process Economics, Project Management (Module Leader)

CME3109: Final Year Plant Design Project (Module Leader and Project Supervisor)

Others (Previously with Newcastle University in Singapore)

Overseas Immersion Program: HYSYS simulation for process design

Interdisciplinary: Introduction and workshop on UniSim (Chemical Process Simulation) for Marine and Offshore Engineering students

MSc Programme (previously with NewRIIS)

Process Safety and Risk Management – NUS8104: Research Methods (2019)

Energy and Sustainability – NUS8201: Energy Resources and Technologies (2019)