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Making Video lectures

As you may already know, I enjoy exploring with methods of making videos that can provide instruction to students to help them in their learning.  In this video, I used the whiteboard on my Surface Pro laptop together with Surface Pro Pen and one little trick is the use my bluetooth headset as the laptop’s inbuilt mic pics up alot of noise during writing on its surface. Here is a an example of my latest project.


Here is the an earlier project that i did using the Camtasia software to help develop a teaching video, using simple to use editing tools. This instruction mimics the use of a visualizer by improvising a webcam to record the writings on a writing pad. In this case, I used whitelines paper which allows me to then immediately save the writing into an electronic copy for sharing with students together with the videos.

If you like the video, or have any comments, please remember to leave me a note, so I can see how this can be improved. Also you can give me some suggestion on the type of topics/ content to produce.