ONL Topic 2

In topic 2, our team explored the use of Coogle (  to collaborate and prepare our presentation for our topic.

Overall, i feel that there are so many take-away lessons from this collaborative process:

Tools for collaborative learning

Together with my team members, we all learnt and explored a new tool and used it to collaborate on the topic. Overall, the use of tools such as Coogle, Google docs, Google drive, blogging, Zoom, etc. has kind of “forced” me to learn to to be comfortable with the use of such resources in a very short period of time and understand the limitations and possibilities in such tools for learning and instruction.

Structure of collaborative learning

As we get to know our team members and the structure of this open network learning community, we become more efficient in communicating and sharing our ideas. Thanks to the guidance of Sandeep and David, our 2 great facilitators for PBL Group 10, we always manage to keep to our tasks and timeline. I particularly enjoy the sessions where we discuss our thoughts for focus of investigation at the start of each topic. It is particularly interesting to observe and learn about the ideas and opinion of each and every other member.


One of my goals is to learn to be a better educator and instructor to facilitate learning for my students. In this ONL environment, I can see myself as a learner and at the same time, allows me to revisit some of the common issues and problems faced by my students when I try to incorporate collaborative and project based learning activities.

Certainly look forward to the next 2 topics to come!

Stay safe!


2 thoughts on “ONL Topic 2

  1. Hi Cindy, I completely agree with you! We are really learning by doing here. Being the learners and thereby having to try out situations similar to those that we might be putting our own students in, we can much better relate to both benefits and challenges of working in this way, than if we only read about them. See you Tuesday đŸ™‚

  2. Thank you Cindy for a very good description of thoughts that I shared with you during this part of the course. It felt like we all got to know each other better and as a group we felt comfortable which enabled a better workflow during our coogle mission. During this course I realised that its not about the tools or tasks we perform but about our collaborative work within the group and the experiences that we learn from.
    By Ellinor Ă–stensson

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