Pedagogical Publications

Presentations and Panel discussions:

  1. Lee LY. Digitisation of teaching materials to complement online learningHigher Education Campus Conference (HECC) (18 November, 2019) by NUS Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL).
  2. Invited Panel speakerThe Future of Learning Forum 2019 (By Britcham SG): “Opportunities and Challenges for the future of higher education, as underpinned by technology, globalization, and the changing workplace”
  3. Invited speaker (Moderator)Completing Online and Offline Learning Channels. 4th Annual Next Generation Learning Spaces conference 2018 (Round table discussion)
  4. Lee LY. Challenges and opportunities from research-informed teaching. Newcastle University (UK) Learning and Teaching Conference. Newcastle, UK, April 2018


  1. Tan SWB, Naraharisetti PK, Chin SK, Lee LY. Simple Visual-Aided Automated Titration Using the Python Programming Language. Journal of Chemical Education 2020, 97 (3), 850-854
  2. Yin C-Y, Lee LYTeaching chemical engineering students industrial symbiosis using online resources: A Singapore case study. Education for Chemical Engineers 2019, 27, 28-34 (


  1. Wong E, Lee LYChallanges and opportunities in multidisciplinary team working. Newcastle University (UK) Learning and Teaching Conference. Newcastle, UK, April 2019
  2. Yin CY, Lee LYTeaching chemical engineering students industrial symbiosis using online resources: A Singapore case study. Newcastle University (UK) Learning and Teaching Conference. Newcastle, UK, April 2019
  3. Chew J, Lee LY, Lim EWC. Highlights of Particle Technology Teaching in Singapore. 8th World Congress on Particle Technology (WCPT2018). Orlando, USA, April 2018


  1. Delegate, (representing Newcastle University, SG) Applied Learning Conference (organized by Singapore Institute of Technology, SIT) 2018
  2. Delegate, (representing Newcastle University, SG) SAPE Annual Conference 2018 – The Future of Learning. 2018
  3. Delegate, Chemical Engineering Design Project Workshop (organized by IChemE Education Special Interest group, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia)

Research Publications


  1. Lee LY, Soh SH. Process Economics and Feasibility of Subcritical & Supercritical Fluid Processing. Reference Module in Food Science, Elsevier 2019. (
  2. Soh SH, Agarwal S, Jain A, Lee LY, SC Chin, Jayaraman S. Mathematical modeling of mass transfer in supercritical fluid extraction of patchouli oil. Engineering reports ( 2019, e12051.
  3. Soh SH, Lee LY. Microencapsulation and Nanoencapsulation Using Supercritical Fluid (SCF) Techniques (Review). Pharmaceutics (open access: 2019, 11(21), 1-17.
  4. Feng R, Ramchandani S, Salih NM, Lim X-YE, Tan SWB, Lee LY, Teoh SK, Sharratt PN, Boodhoo KVK. Process Intensification Strategies and Sustainability Analysis for Amidation Processing in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 2019, 58(11), 4656-4666 (


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  2. Ong YXJ, Lee LY, Davoodi P, Wang CH. Production of drug-releasing biodegradable microporous scaffold using a two-step micro-encapsulation/supercritical foaming process. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 2018, 133(Part 1), 263-269 (

2017 and earlier

  1. Emtiazi G, Zohrabi T, Lee LY, Habibi N, Zarrabi A. Covalent diphenylalanine peptide nanotube conjugated to folic acid/magnetic nanoparticles for anti-cancer drug delivery. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 2017, 41, 90-98.
  2. Zohrabi T, Habibi N, Zarrabi A, Fanaei M, Lee LY. Diphenylalanine peptide nanotubes self-assembled on functionalized metal surfaces for potential application in drug-eluting stent. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A 2016, 104(9), 2280-2290.
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Conference Publications and Posters

  1. Soh SH, Agarwal S, Jayaraman S, Tham MT, Lee LY, Jain A. A study of essential oil extraction and antioxidant activity of patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) using supercritical carbon dioxide. 12th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids (ISSF 2018). France, April 2018
  2. Lee LY et al. Process Design of supercritical fluid facility for toll manufacturing and research in Singapore (Poster). 10th International Conference on Supercritical Fluids (Supergreen 2017). Nagoya, Japan, Dec 2017
  3. Lee LY, Kwang NHS, Wang CH. Recovery and preservation of spent grain from food manufacturing industries using supercritical CO2 drying technique. 10th International Conference on Supercritical Fluids (Supergreen 2017). Nagoya, Japan, Dec 2017
  4. Lee LY, Tong WP, Vedula S, Wang CH (2016). Supercritical CO2 processing for food and ingredient micronization and microencapsulation applications (Poster). Insights to Emerging trends in Food Science and Technology Aug 2016, Singapore
  5. Lee LY et al. (2016) Case study on supercritical CO2 drying plant and CO2 regeneration options (Poster) BioEnergy and Biorefinery Conference ‐ Southeast Asia 2016, Singapore
  6. Lee LY, Lin YJ, Wang CH (2016). Study of the supercritical drying of wet okara. Presentation at 15th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET2016). 2016, Singapore (
  7. Ong BYS, Lee LY, Xie J, Lee HS, Sahinidis NV, Smith KA, Wang CH. Controlled delivery of paclitaxel from micro-porous foams for the post surgical treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme. American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting (AIChE 2006). 2006, San Francisco, USA.
  8. Lee LY, Smith KA, Wang CH. Fabrication of controlled release devices for anticancer agents using SAS method. American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting (AIChE 2005). 2005, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA).
  9. Lee LY, Smith KA, Wang CH. Nanoparticle fabrication of biodegradable polymers using SAS: Effects of mixing and thermodynamic properties. American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting (AIChE 2005). 2005, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)


Other Conference Participation

  1. Lee LY (2016). Food, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Processing using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Technologies (Poster). IPI TechInnovation Day 2016, Singapore
  2. Lee LY (2015). Microencapsulation using supercritical fluid strategies (Poster). IPI TechInnovation Day 2015, Singapore
  3. Lee LY (2015). Supercritical fluid processing for food and pharmaceutical applications (Poster). ICES A*STAR iPSP day 2015, Singapore
  4. Exhibitor, (representing FeyeCon CO2 Technologies B.V) Anuga FoodTec, Cologne, Germany, 2009
  5. Exhibitor, (representing FeyeCon CO2 Technologies B.V) XVII International Conference on Bioencapsulation, Groningen, Netherlands, Sep 2009