Week 1 Topic 1 ONL PBL Group 10

It is week 2 as I write this blog post. Last week has been an intense week of this, working on the tasks, in addition to my daily routine. Also, tuning in to the webinars and also to the online meetings. The thought of doing this with a great team of like-minded coursemates, encouraging group facilitators Sandeep and David, really helped a lot in this journey.

I  feel like a student again and it really helps me reflect on the difficulties faced by students in terms of time constraints, datelines, information (sometimes overload) etc. Sometimes we think, how hard is it to learn this. They had 1 week to understand my lecture before coming to my tutorial. But the truth is that they do NOT HAVE 1 WEEK to learn my lecture. They have 5 other lectures, projects, assignments etc in the week as well and all this adds and really dramatically reduces the time they have to spend on our modules.

As we explore the topic of digital literacy in this week’s topic. I cannot help but think how the availability of such tools and platforms has enabled/ unabled learning. On one hand, there are many more possibilities of how information and knowledge may be disseminated, but too much information may also mean more time needed to distil the useful information from the non-essential or unreliable ones.

I look forward to consolidating our ideas for this topic with my coursemates and share it with the wider ONL community. (and maybe even a wider learning community :))


Cindy Lee

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