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  • ArtsBuzz: Picturing Heritage in Japan

    Have you seen the current exhibition of beautiful photographs in the ArtsBuzz? If you’re wondering what it is about, below are some musings from 2 of the photographers themselves on this.   This exhibition shows what Japan’s heritage means to each of us who participated in JS3229: Field Studies in Japan. All the photographs feature […]

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  • ArtsBuzz Exhibition: Oiled Impressions & Penmai

    Two collections–Oiled Impressions and Penmai–are on display at ArtsBuzz of Central Library, from 4-18 March. The immediate surrounding has always had an enchanting effect on me, whenever I  pause and take it in. “Oiled Impressions” represents just that collection of moments: moments I took in, moments I yearn to be in, and moments I dream of.  […]

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  • Exhibition at ArtsBuzz: White Nights

    Flowers bloom around the clock if the night never gets dark. From 2-25 October,  Central Library will exhibit a collection of floral paintings called “White Nights”. Why floral paintings? Since I majored in Environmental Biology, I possess the utmost love for all living things and naturally something as beautiful as flowers would represent an theme for my solo exhibition. “White […]

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  • Photo Exhibition: Secrets

    This exhibition showcases the winning works of residents of Sheares Hall in our annual Intra-Hall Photography Competition, organised by the Sheares Hall Photographic Committee. This year’s entries were shot to the theme, Secrets. Participants were presented with the challenge of capturing and portraying intrigue and mystery in what is unseen, unheard and unspoken in everyday […]

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  • Exhibition: On Dreaming

    We all have dreams. But not all of us have the courage to pursue them. We wish, we hope, we long for. We think and keep thinking. I’m afraid of trying, Of failing. I love art. I fear it too. We live, day after day, Wishing for changes, Wishing to change. Someday, One day after […]

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  • The Art within Metamorphosis

    Exhibition Name :   NAVC Project IMHope   Date :   1 Sept 2011 – 15 Sept 2011 Venue : ArtsBuzz, Central Library, Level 4   This exhibition showcases the artistic talents of the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) residents, and aims to reduce the prejudices that we often have for the mentally ill. As “Metamorphosis” signifies a rebirth, […]

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  • Sojourn Along the Silk Road

    Wajihah Hamid travelled the road less travelled, following the footsteps of Marco Polo. For several months their paths must had intersected, albeit many years apart. Could Marco Polo have felt the same mysticism present in the ancient Silk Road cities? Did Wajihah tell the same stories Marco Polo told, to a disbelieving audience? In the summer of 2007, Wajihah Hamid […]