Photos by Slum Kids

Kampuchea Ros Bos Ngom

In December, a bunch of undergrads embarked on a journey to better understand the social conditions leading to the prevalence of sex trafficking in Cambodia. What they found there, beneath the gritty truths, was the exuberance and zest for life of the street kids.
Let’s get this straight. The kids of Phnom Penh slums face the risk of being sold for exploitive labour, prostitution and illegal adoption. There is nothing pretty about that. Yet, this trip helped us see beyond the dismal conditions of these kids; it helped us see that no matter how dire and depressing circumstances are, a love for life can never be quelled. 
These photos are all taken by the Phnom Penh slum kids. Every roll of film shot gave a slum kid a chance to tell his or her own story through their eyes, instead of being constantly portrayed as victims of circumstances. These photographs tell you their young tales of home, youth, life and hope. The exhibition will be at ArtsBuzz from 22 March to 5 April.

Nadhirah Bte Borhanudin
Traffick Lights 


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