ArtsBuzz Exhibition: Oiled Impressions & Penmai

Two collections–Oiled Impressions and Penmai–are on display at ArtsBuzz of Central Library, from 4-18 March.

The immediate surrounding has always had an enchanting effect on me, whenever I  pause and take it in. “Oiled Impressions” represents just that collection of moments: moments I took in, moments I yearn to be in, and moments I dream of.  “Penmai” is a collection that is very close to my heart. “Penmai” is the Tamil word for “feminine” and women have always been a source of inspiration for my thoughts. The kindness of a kitchen help, the grace of a dancer, the innocence of a little girl, the love of a grandmother, the labour of a spinach seller, the vivacity of a mother, are just some of my inspirations.

This is my very first exhibition at NUS and I hope you will take a turn around the world through my tinted shades.

Dhanya is a Civil Engineering undergraduate. She comes from Chennai, a South Indian city that has deepened her senses and appreciation of culture and tradition. She has been drawing and painting since she was a child and is discovering herself as an artist, today.

When she isn’t painting, Dhanya is busy training to be an engineer. She enjoys writing, designing clothes, filling her ears with indie music, and chalking plans to change the world. She loves to meet people and can be contacted

Dhanya Balasubramanian
Civil Engineering

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