Exhibition: On Dreaming

Close-up detail from one of the art pieces

We all have dreams.
But not all of us have the courage to pursue them.
We wish, we hope, we long for.
We think and keep thinking.

I’m afraid of trying,
Of failing.
I love art.
I fear it too.

We live, day after day,
Wishing for changes,
Wishing to change.

One day after one too many,
Enough becomes enough.

This series of art explores the intangibility of dreams. A tree wishes to experience anti-gravity – it wants to be upside down before its final breath. A sea-dragon dreams of flight, having only tasted water against its scales. A group of stones want to move, to change their perspectives.  Dreams, everyone has them.

Dreams. What are we without them?

Xiang Yeow is tired of being stagnant, of deliberating over each movement. He invites viewers to share their thoughts on his art so that he may consider how best to forge ahead.

The ink on canvas as well as batik art exhibition will be at Central Library’s ArtsBuzz from 17-24 October. Many thanks for your thoughtful input.

Xiang Yeow
Year 2 Science + USP

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