The Art within Metamorphosis

Exhibition Name :   NAVC Project IMHope  

Date :   1 Sept 2011 – 15 Sept 2011

Venue : ArtsBuzz, Central Library, Level 4



This exhibition showcases the artistic talents of the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) residents, and aims to reduce the prejudices that we often have for the mentally ill.

As Metamorphosis” signifies a rebirth, it is akin to Project IMHope which serves as a platform for our residents to re-connect with the society through our weekly interactions. The birdcage represents their “home”, a safe haven but also a form of restriction. The butterflies taking flight out of the cage towards the window symbolizes how our residents relate to the outside world through their artworks.  The rich and vibrant colours of the butterflies represent meaning, hope and colours that Project IMHope adds to the residents’ lives.

The artworks on display were selected from a large collection of works done by the residents of our adopted wards during our weekly sessions. We hope that through this exhibition, the residents will improve their self-esteem and gain greater acceptance from society.

Sher Ling
Volunteer of Project IMHope

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