People Ending Animal Cruelty and Exploitation

Celebrations at the last meeting for the semester


NUS PEACE was initiated as NUS Animal Welfare around 2006 to contribute towards the welfare of animals in Singapore. The students who stepped forward were real volunteers as there are no CCA points to earn. And the group made progress, organising two impactful Animal Welfare Symposia. BUt last year, with many away on exchange, the group was in danger of fizzling out.

After a recruitment, however, kindred souls concerned about animal welfare have stepped forward once again. This past semester, the group has gotten the NUS PEACE house in order by cleaning up our web presence, put the finances in order (and its even audited now, and all on Google Docs).

With a new group on board, working mechanisms were sorted out and in the process, movies have been screened, and dialogues initiated, and self-education was initiated to get a grasp of local animal welfare issues through discussion with invited speakers, and getting a grasp of NUS Cat Café procedures.

The final meeting of the semester was especially sweet because the group celebrated Cheryl’s birthday in addition to the group’s survival!

Happy exam week everyone! Looking forward to some real action in Sem 2!

Ong Say Lin, president of NUS PEACE, is presented with a honorary gift of Ice Lemon Tea by Publicity Secretary Prab “Pribbles” Nathan to commemorate the survival of NUS PEACE!.

Celebrating Cheryl’s 21st birthday

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