reactingPbeFoam is a transient multiphase solver for compressible, turbulent, reactive systems. The solver focuses on modeling the physicochemical processes related to particles in flows, with the population balance equation (PBE) and quadrature-based moment method (QBMM).

The code is developed and maintained by the PhD student Cao Chenyang.

The solver features:

  1. Compatibility with various turbulence and combustion models provided by the OpenFOAM (
  2. Efficient soot modeling with multiple QBMM methods by integrating the OpenQBMM package (
  3. Incorporation of a comprehensive set of state-of-art soot models
  4. Turbulent closure of soot source terms
  5. Decomposition of soot formation and detailed tracking of each sooting subprocess
  6. Extension to other kinds of particles that can be resolved by the PBE and QBMM