The NUS Energy Innovation Laboratory has developed ASURF-2Phase, an in-house solver capable of simulating two-phase reacting flows. This solver is built upon the original ASRUF solver, developed by Prof. Zheng Chen from Peking University in China, which has been widely used in simulating gaseous reacting flows, incorporating adaptive mesh refinement, detailed chemistry, and species transport properties. The Eulerian-Eulerian method (or two-fluid model) is implemented to describe the gas-liquid two-phase flows, the liquid phase is treated as an inter-penetrating continuum governed by Eulerian transport equations. Meanwhile, the two-way coupling of mass, momentum, and energy between the reactive flows and liquid fuel droplets is considered. The accuracy of this solver has been extensively validated (see below).

This work is undertaken by Dr Qiang Li and Dr Yijie Zhuang.

Applications: spray flame in propulsion system; hydrogen detonation and explosion mitigation, etc.