MaraicoMultiphaseInterFoam is a specialized transient multiphase solver designed for simulating the thermo-fluids and dynamic behaviors of melt pool and the resulting surface morphology in the additive manufacturing processes. Some typical phenomena during selective laser melting process, such as balling, spattering, porosity, and cracking could also be simulated by this solver.

The solver is developed and maintained by the PhD student Liu Ce.

This numerical solver offers the following key features:

  • Solid-liquid, gas-liquid and gas-solid interfaces captured using the Volume of Fluid (VoF) method
  • Mushy zone flow resistance, surface tension, Marangoni effect and recoil pressure considered in momentum equation;
  • Enthalpy of phase change and energy of laser power considered in energy equation;
  • Multiple laser reflection simulated by FresnelLaser model;
  • Melting and solidification processes simulated by Lee model;
  • Evaporation process simulated by gas kinetic evaporation model;
  • Randomly-distributed powder bed realized by coupling with discrete element method.