dropletInterCanteraFoam is a transient multi-phase solver dedicated to simulating the evaporation, ignition, and combustion processes of one droplet or multi-droplet systems with different liquid fuels.

The code is originally developed and maintained by Dr Shangpeng Li, and relevant work is carried by Dr Jiang Zhiwu.

This numerical solver offers the following key features:
* Combustion simulation with detailed gas-phase kinetic mechanisms
* Dynamic gas-liquid interface tracking using the Volume of Fluid (VoF) method
* Evaporation rate evaluation based on the vapor concentration gradient at the phase boundary, eliminating the need for semi-empirical evaporation models
* Integration with Cantera (https://cantera.org/) to update thermodynamic and transport properties for multicomponent gases
* Comprehensive thermodynamic and transport properties calculation for various liquid phases
* Support adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) and parallel computing on distributed processors