The Energy Innovation Laboratory (EIL) at Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS) led by Dr. Huangwei Zhang aims to study combustion and energy problems using theoretical analysis and numerical simulation, to provide solutions for building a cleaner, safer and more energy-saving living environment, particularly for highly urbanized areas like Singapore.

We insist that the applied research nurtures and enlightens the fundamental one, while in turn the latter drives and serves the former. There are two key threads of our research activities: (1) to develop high-fidelity and efficient models and algorithms for combustion and other forms of chemically reacting flows; (2) to understand the underlying physics involving the interactions between turbulence, chemistry, radiation, pollutant emission, etc. in reacting flows. Most of the problems we are working on now are turbulent multi-phase reacting or non-reacting flows. The research approaches we use include theoretical analysis (such as asymptotic analysis) and numerical simulations (such as Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes simulation and large-eddy simulation). We also collaborate with researchers working on direct numerical simulation for understanding interesting combustion phenomena and developing our turbulent combustion models. Current research interests of The CCE Group include:

    • Development of the Conditional Moment Closure (CMC) combustion model for different flame regimes, like non-premixed flames, premixed flames and partially premixed flames
    • Limit combustion phenomena (e.g. extinction, ignition and instability) for laminar and turbulent flames
    • Turbulent multiphase combustion (e.g. pulverized fuel combustion and spray flames) modelling
    • Modelling of turbulent fires, as well as other combustion- and/or fire-related hazards
    • Development of parallel, multi-scale and high-fidelity algorithms for turbulent reacting flows

If you have any questions about the research work in our group, or if you would like to join in our group as post-doctoral research fellows or PhD students for combustion research, please contact Dr. Huangwei Zhang (Email: huangwei.zhang@nus.edu.sg, Phone: +65 6516 2557) or visit us in person.