• The Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion (ASPACC) is a biennial meeting sponsored by the Combustion Institute and organized by members of the Asia-Pacific regional sections.
  • Its goal is to promote exchange of information and to elevate combustion science and technology through regional and global scientific partnership.
  • The first ASPACC conference was held in Osaka, Japan in 1997, followed by Tainan, Taiwan (1999), Seoul, Korea (2001), Nanjing, China (2003), Adelaide, Australia (2005), Nagoya, Japan (2007), Taipei, Taiwan (2009), Hyderabad, India (2010), Gyeongju, Korea (2013), Beijing, China (2015), Sydney, Australia (2017), Fukuoka, Japan (2019), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (2021), and Kaohisung, Taiwan (2023). The next one will be in Singapore (2025), to build a zero-carbon and sustainable future!

The conference website and more information will be released soon! If you would like to sponsor the ASPACC 2025 or any other questions, please contact Prof Huangwei Zhang (