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Two new parametric network models for multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical systems are presented based on system’s own functions such as sin, cos or their combinational functions of the joint variables which are different from artificial function approximations using neutral networks or fuzzy logic. With the inventive techniques, adaptive controller design for robots and the like becomes simply a construction of networks and there is no need for dynamic modelling.

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In servomechanisms, disturbances prevent the system positioning accuracy from further improvement. In the present invention, an acceleration feedback control loop using a frequency-separated acceleration soft sensor replaces the conventionally used current control loop in the low frequency range, so as to attenuate the influence of the disturbances enclosed in the loop. The current feedback continues to manage the electrical dynamics in the high-frequency range. Estimating the required acceleration signal by a soft sensor eliminates the need for physical accelerometers, which reduce system reliability and increase system cost. The acceleration feedback control loop constructed with the obtained acceleration signal also makes the system more robust to the parameter inaccuracies and variations within the loop. This invention can be easily implemented with either software or hardware.

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