Social Robotics Laboratory (SRL) is dedicated in research and development in making social robots ubiquitous parts of our day to day lives and bridging across the physical and virtual space as well as the embodiment of complementary spaces. Social Robots are able to interact and integrate seamlessly with the virtual world and at the same time, they can be the physical manifestations of the virtual world. We are to work with distinguished individuals and leading research groups internationally to make social robots available for the betterment of human life, and social robotics a subject of creativity and imagination. The main research thrusts include social robotics for education, healthcare and entertainment.

Robotics for Education

Robots have always fascinated the young and old, and will provide new and valuable tools for teachers in both classroom-based learning and excursions.

Robotics for Healthcare

Robots can provide comforting interactions for patients and are also equipped with sensors for monitoring vital signs and emotional states.

Robotics for Entertainment

Robots can be actors in the film entertainment industry. Entertainment robots can also be embodied in the form of robotic pets, which provide amusement to people by mimicking live animals in their movements, expressions, and behavior.