Prof. Shuzhi Sam Ge

The Social Robotics Laboratory (SRL), Interactive Digital Media Institute, the National University of Singapore, is a research laboratory focused on socially competent, personal, healthcare and edutainment robotics internationally for scientific, social and economical impacts through the synergy from arts, engineering, medicine and sciences.

The multi-faceted research program conducted in SRL is structured to investigate all aspects of social, personal, medical and edutainment robotics. It aims to produce a seamless integration of artificial agents into the human society, with intelligent robots that can participate in and learn from intuitive, long term interaction with humans, and which can be safely deployed in myriad applications ranging from entertainment, healthcare/eldercare, education and childcare. These robots will act as intelligent companions which enrich the lives and co-exist in harmony with humans.

The main objectives of SRL are: Advanced cross disciplinary research of social robotics for improving the lives of humans worldwide; Sophisticated common R&D platforms under one roof for more cohesive and vibrant research across arts, engineering, medicine, and sciences; Dedicated human capital development for creativity, leadership, and visionary in the area of social, personal, healthcare, and edutainment robotics; High intellectual properties throughputs for technology transfer and start ups in making social and economic impact; and Magnet for joint research and international collaboration.

The SRL web is a gateway to our research programme and activities. It is our pleasure that you visit our web to view the evolving SRL. Wish you a stimulating experience as you are on our web, exploring how SRL thrives for creative ideas in robotics community and how we embrace new challenges to push the research work further.

Shuzhi Sam Ge