Area 1: Mapping environmental determinants

Below we summarise ongoing and completed projects that study physical, socio-cultural, political, and economic environmental factors that influence food choice and physical activity.

We have made the most progress in this area. Currently, we are working on finding out what people want and need from digital health programs by going out into the community to speak directly with members of the public (IntraCreate). We are also using geospatial analysis to understand Singapore’s physical environment and how this relates to health and wellbeing (Parks and Health). Finally, we have an ongoing series of projects designed to evaluate the physical activity environment in Thailand.

We are also part of the intervention Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance and have produced the Singapore Report Card that gives grading on key physical activity indicators for children and adolescents (AHKGA Singapore report card).

Details of our projects can be found by clicking on the links below.

Ongoing projects:

    • Physical activity in Thailand
    • Development of tools to measure observed and perceived food service environments in Singapore – The Food Environment Assessment in Singapore Tool (FEAST) project
    • IntraCreate – reach and engage (overlaps with Area 2)
    • Parks and Health (overlaps with Area 2)
    • Digital marketing (overlaps with Area 2)

Completed projects:

Last updated Dec 21, 2023