Correlates of sedentary behaviour in Asian Preschool-aged Children: Systematic Review


Globally, many young children spend a long time engaging in sedentary behaviours (SB) each day. Research suggests that SB has a negative impact on the physical and psychosocial health of children and adults, particularly as SB tracks and increases from early childhood into adulthood. Reviews on correlates of SB have included preschool aged children, however, none have considered both total amount of SB and domain-specific (e.g., TV watching) SB. Besides, the majority of studies included in such reviews are from Europe, North America, and Australia. Taking into consideration the economic and cultural differences between Asian and Western societies, current findings regarding SB correlates may not be generalizable to Asian populations. Therefore, this review aims to identify and synthesize the literature on correlates of SB in Asian preschool-aged children (0-6 years) from a socio-ecological perspective.

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Last updated Mar 15, 2021