Project Title: NUH Hospital Employees’ Active Lifestyle (HEAL) Study


This study aimed to assess sitting and unhealthy dietary patterns and explore barriers and strategies towards improving these behaviours among employees in the work setting.


Utilizing a mixed-method approach grounded in the socio-ecological framework, employees of a tertiary hospital were recruited. They participated in an online questionnaire that captured self-reported sedentary behaviour and physical activity levels at work, as well as dietary behaviours. Four focus group discussions (FGDs) were conducted to understand perceptions, barriers, and strategies towards reducing workplace sedentary behaviour and engaging in healthy dietary patterns.  In addition, an adapted version of the Checklist for Health Promotion Environments at the Worksite (CHEW) instrument was used to evaluate environmental influences at the workplace. An assessment of existing vending machines at the work pace and food plate counts at the local food outlets was also conducted.


  • Wang NX, Chen J, Wagner NL, Rebello SA, Petrunoff NA, Owen N, Müller-Riemenschneider F. Understanding and Influencing Occupational Sedentary Behavior: A Mixed-Methods Approach in a Multiethnic Asian Population. Health Education & Behavior. 2019 Oct 29. doi: 1090198119885431

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Last updated Sep 7, 2020