Jack’s Dilemma (Video)

Jack and Rose are on a cruise ship for their honeymoon. It unexpectedly hit an iceberg and started sinking. Jack manages to hop onto the last lifeboat, but there is only one space left. Rose (the love of his life) and a charitable millionaire (who will potentially save the lives of thousands of starving African children) are near the lifeboat. Jack is faced with a dilemma – who should he save? He weighs out his options considering the utilitarian approach. In the end, it was too tough a decision and he decides to jump off to die with Rose.


  • Goh Qi Wen, Cheryl – conceptualization, scriptwriting, filming, video editing
  • Kian Zhang Quan – conceptualization, scriptwriting, voiceover
  • Lee Qian Lin – conceptualization, scriptwriting, filming, voiceover, props
  • Ng Zi En, Beatrice – conceptualization, scriptwriting, filming, voiceover
  • Poh Kar Mae – conceptualization, scriptwriting, filming, voiceover


  • Sailboat sound effect (youtube)
  • Sound effect of the ship hitting the iceberg (youtube)
  • Flashback sound effect (youtube)
  • “Heal the world” by Michael Jackson (youtube)
  • “My heart will go on” Instrumental (youtube)
  • Rose photo (wikia)
  • African children photo (fanpop)

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