The Jurassic Dilemma (Infographic)

The Jurassic Dilemma The scientist’s revival of a new specie of dinosaur have sparked outrage from experts and scientists around the world. The Jurassic Times published an infographics news article exploring the various facts and opinions of people with regards to the issue. Data relevant to the discussion were brought up and released to the public. This infographic news article includes experts from different fields contributed their views to the discussion. Data regarding the happiness level of the dinosaurs and the budget of the research were brought up as foundations for debate. All characters,events and quotes in the article were purely fictional.


  • Tan Xi Zhi – content generation Sam Choy – content generation
  • Alex Marcus Han – content generation
  • Edmond Wai Ken Hu – graphics design
  • Loh Bao Ying Darlene – graphics design


  • Quote derived from the Jurassic Park Movie Dinosaur picture (link)
  • Infographics made using piktochart

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