PhiloPod: The Trolley Problem and Everything In-Between (Video)

PhiloPod is a mini pilot podcast project where our hosts Abe and Dave discuss pertinent philosophical problems. Episode 1029 will be focused on the renowned Trolley Problem, and you will be taken through the Utilitarian and Deontologist perspective, as well as touch briefly on the issue of endless disputes. Meant to be taken as a taste-test to the rest of the Podcast Web Lecture Series: GET1029 The Life, Universe and Everything.


  • Priya: Voice Actor, Ideation
  • Ching Yit: Voice Actor, Ideation
  • Jasmine: Video Making, Ideation
  • Hui Yi: Sound Recording, Ideation, Sound Booth booking


  • Gifs, other photographic media and audio are not ours. We would also like to apologize in advance for using Prof Loy’s name and face as a cameo without prior permission. 🙁 Please don’t be mad

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