Jacklyn A. Cleofas

Jacklyn A. Cleofas Email:g0500277-at-nus.edu.sg; Degree: PhD

JacklynAbout Herself: For my dissertation I mainly worked on explaining and defending an argument against moral naturalism that comes from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s “A Lecture on Ethics.”  This argument is based on the possibility that someone who knows all natural facts can fail to know whether something is morally good.  My dissertation is currently under examination; at present I am a lecturer at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Areas of interest: Ethics, Philosophy of Language

Md. Munir Hossain Talukder

Md. Munir Hossain Talukder (M.A. Linköping University) ; Email:g0800292-at-nus.edu.sg; Degree: PhD

MunirAbout Himself: My research at NUS focuses on the comparative study of environmental philosophy. By comparing Western and Asian attitudes toward human-nature relationship, I want to spell out some common values that are seemed to appear as core values. Then, an ethical guideline on the basis of these common core values will be developed.

I obtained my Master’s degree in Applied Ethics from Linköping University, Sweden and Utrecht University, the Netherlands as an Erasmus Mundus scholar. I came from Bangladesh, where I gained my Bachelor (Honours) and Master degrees in Philosophy.

Beyond philosophical activities, I like to watch the exciting events around the globe.

Areas of interest: Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Political Philosophy.

Some of my articles in international refereed journals are:

1. “Self, Nature, and Cultural Values”, Cultura. International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology 7:2 (2010), 81-99.

2. “The Concept of “Person” and Its Implication in Bioethics”, Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 20:5 (2010), 157-160.

3. “Intimacy, Admirability, and Virtue: An Examination of Michael Slote’s View”, Human Affairs 20:1 (2010), 43-51.

Book Review

Review of Going to School in South Asia, Cultura. International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology 7:2 (2010), 272-278.