Cansu Canca

Cansu Canca (B.A., M.A. Bogazici University); Email:; Degree: Ph.D

CansuAbout Herself: Currently, my research is focused on the ethical complications of organ transplantation and the problem of international organ trade. In addition to my focus on bioethics, I am working on a paper about the nature of phenomenal space. I received my B.A. and M.A. degrees in philosophy from Bogazici University (Istanbul). For my M.A. thesis, which is titled as “Voluntary Active Euthanasia: Justifications and Regulations”, I carried out my research in the Medical Ethics Department of Osaka University.

I did 5 months of internship and research in World Health Organization (Geneva) at the Ethics and Health Unit and also worked with the Transplantation Unit.
Apart from philosophy, I like watching/criticizing films (on which I also did my minor during my undergraduate years), traveling, taking travel pictures and trying out new types of food.

Areas of interest: Ethics, Applied Ethics (especially Bioethics), Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind