Intensional and Phenomenal Readings of Perceptual Verbs, by David Bourget (2 August 2011)

Philosophy Seminar Series: 2 Aug 2011, 2-4pm, Philosophy Resource Room; Speaker: David Bourget; Director of Centre for Computing in Philosophy, Research Fellow, University of London; Moderator: Dr. Ben Blumson

Abstract: This talk has three parts. First, I argue that perceptual verbs such as “see”, “hear”, “smell”, etc have intensional readings just like other intensional verbs such as “believe” and “order”. Next I clarify the relation between the perceptual states ascribed on such readings and the so-called phenomenal states, or the subjective aspect of experience. Finally I show some applications of the findings of the two first parts of the paper. These findings can help to clarify the debate between disjunctivists and representationalists about perceptual consciousness as well as enable regimented descriptions of phenomenal states.

redAbout the speaker: David Bourget is director of the Centre for Computing in Philosophy and a research fellow at the Institute of Philosophy in the University of London. His research ranges from the role of technology in philosophical research to the nature of perceptual experience. David holds a PhD in philosophy from the Australian National University.
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