Honours Thesis (HT) Presentations by Mr Goh Zhao Qi

Date: 12 September 2019
Time: 2pm -2.45pm
Venue: AS3-05-23

Presentation by Goh Zhao Qi
Gamer’s Dilemma: What can moral feelings inform us about it?

Luck (2009) introduced the gamer’s dilemma; if one is willing to grant that virtual murder is permissible because it does not constitute any actual harm, one should also grant that virtual pedophilia is permissible on the same basis that it does not constitute any harm. However, our intuitions tend to approve virtual murder but reject virtual pedophilia as permissible. As such, my thesis seeks to understand why we have differing intuitions which result in differing moral judgments about virtual murder and virtual pedophilia. To achieve this, I will utilize Neil Sinhababu’s (2017) meta-ethical theory, Emotional Perception Model (EPM), to analyze our moral judgments about videogames.

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