Book Launch: Political Legitimacy in Asia

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You are cordially invited to the launch of

Political Legitimacy in Asia – New Leadership Challenges, edited by John Kane, Hui-chieh Loy and Haig Patapan

Palgrave Macmillian Series on Asian Governance

To be launched by Dr. Lam Peng Er (Senior Research Fellow, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore) * 19 December 2011, 3 pm to 4:30 pm, FASS Faculty Lounge (L2, The Deck); Refreshments will be served

Political Legitimacy in Asia is an edited collection that explores the theory and practice of political legitimacy in contemporary Asia. Bringing together internationally recognized scholars of comparative politics and political philosophy, the book marks a contemporary re-examination of legitimacy in the region. Expansive in scope, with a detailed and nuanced analysis of 11 countries, the book explores the realistically available options for modernizing Asian nations seeking to shore up their legitimacy as they become more deeply enmeshed in the international order.

For more information and RSVP, email: The book will be available for purchase from Palgrave Macmillian at a special launch price at the event. (Download invitation flyer.)

From the Back Cover:

The editor’s sure-footed introduction sets out the challenges and the intellectual parameters of the subject, while the chapters ‘talk’ to each other in valuable ways. They are uniformly well researched and clearly written. All maintain high standards of scholarship, readability, and relevance. A pleasing, un-polemical volume, and an excellent collection.

– David Chandler, Emeritus Professor of History, Monash University

About the editors:

John Kane is a Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Policy, Griffith University and has been three times visiting professor to Yale University.

Hui-Chieh Loy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, National University of Singapore. His research centers on Chinese philosophy.

Haig Patapan is a Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Policy, Griffith University. His research interests are in political and legal philosophy, comparative constitutionalism and political leadership.

Table of Contents:

Introduction–John Kane, Hui-Chieh Loy, and Haig Patapan * Reclaiming Legitimacy in Post-Revolutionary China: Bringing Ideology and Governance Back In–Heike Holbig* Political Legitimacy in Vietnam Under Challenge–Carlyle A. Thayer * The Struggle for Political Legitimacy in Thailand–Björn Dressel * Political Legitimacy in Indonesia: Islam, Democracy, and Good Governance * Legitimacy in Malaysia: Dilemmas and Deficits–William Case * The Political Legitimacy of the PAP Government in Singapore–Benjamin Wong and Xunming Huang * From Coup d’état to “Disciplined Democracy” in Burma: The Tatmadaw’s Claims to Legitimacy–Stephen McCarthy * Legitimacy Deficit in Japan: The Road to True Popular Sovereignty–Haruko Satoh * Political Legitimacy in an Unconsolidated Democratic Order: The Philippines–Noel Morada * Political Legitimacy in South Korea–Hun-Joon Kim * Democratization as a Legitimacy Formula: The KMT and Political Change in Taiwan–T. J. Chen and Nai-Teh Wu * Political Legitimacy Reconsidered–John Kane and Haig Patapan

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