Talk: Terrorism and Reductionism, by Anosike Wilson (4 November 2010)

Graduate Seminar Series: 4 November 2010, 2-4pm, AS3-05-23; Speaker: Anosike Wilson; Current PhD Student, NUS

Abstract:In an attempt to separate the concept of War with that of Terrorism, most Political Philosophers co-opt all human spaces which can justify group-violence into that of the political. The resultant effect is “Terrorism” being imbued with logic and rationality at the expense of human-spaces—even that of the trivial and farcical—that can serve as spaces of human renewal and rejuvenation. I therefore argue that identifying or conceptualizing terrorism only as politically motivated violence is not only futile but pernicious. Hence, any conception of “Terrorism,” for it to be practically relevant, cannot avoid the idea of the terrorist as a psychopath or a fanatic.

wilsonAbout the Speaker: Anosike Wilson is a final Year PhD student of the Philosophy Department with an interest in moral questions regarding War and Terrorism.

More information on the Graduate Seminar Series can be found here.

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