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PEACE stands for People Ending Animal Cruelty and Exploitation. We comprise of students and staff from NUS that seek an end towards domestic animal abuse and the exploitation of wildlife. We seek to engage public audiences and promote general awareness of our cause through campaigns. We are also the platform for launching (and sustaining) any animal-related student initiative in NUS.

(Basically, we like animals.)


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NUS Cat Cafe is an ongoing student-run volunteer project comprised of NUS staff, faculty and students dedicated to the welfare and management of campus community cats.

With the support from OCS, OED and various Faculty Deans, we administer the Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) scheme within the Kent Ridge campus to ensure humane management of our feline friends, maintaining an environment that is safe for all campus users and cats alike.

With our volunteers, we organise campus walks, educational talks and other cat welfare events to raise funds and awareness for the community cat scene both on campus and around Singapore. With your help, we can help our adorable kitties live a good life on campus.


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NUS Paw Friends is a subgroup of NUS PEACE. We are a group of animal lovers who aim to protect shelter animals and reduce the amount of strays in Singapore by promoting respect and love to animals. To do so, we help out at various animal shelters across the island weekly or fortnightly.

In the past, we have volunteered at Animal Lovers’ League (ALL) and Uncle Khoe’s K9. Currently, we are volunteering at Mdm Wong’s Shelter and Friends where we walk and bathe dogs. We are also looking to expand our reach to more shelters, including other animals such as cats. Join us if you love animals and want to make a difference!



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Therapy Dogs Programme is a collaborative effort with Therapy Dogs Singapore (TDS), a non-profit welfare group with friendly volunteers committed to sharing their unconditional love for dogs by reaching out to the disadvantaged in the society. Together, we hope to relieve the stress of students through active interaction with specially trained therapy dogs.


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