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Stray Dogs in Campus


There has been a raise in concerns for the stray dogs which have been roaming around campus such as whether the dogs are feral or aggressive and may attack the campus cats or the NUS members.


PEACE is currently working closely with the Office of Campus Security to help assess the behaviour of the dogs. Once it can be proven that the dogs are not aggressive, they will be allowed to stay. 


However, to prove that, we need volunteers to update us about the situation when they see the dogs. Help us out by posting photos of the dogs here on our facebook group and then fill up this reporting form which requires the volunteer to provide detailed records of observation at that point of time the dogs were seen.


*In case any volunteers require simple guidelines as to how to handle dogs, it is provided in the form as well.


We also need volunteers to do some odd jobs, such as visiting to the area regularly or co-coordinating the volunteers’ schedule. If you are willing to be part of this volunteer group, please email us at to let us know!


PEACE appreciates every efforts in making the campus safe for us and for the dogs.


Thank you! 😀

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