SG: A Sense of History

An awareness and knowledge of the past will help us to better understand the present and guide us into the future. For truly, a nation without its history is like a boat without its moorings. — Jill Quah, retired Chief Librarian of NUS Libraries

SG: A Sense of History is aimed at students and researchers interested in the history of Singapore, from its earliest times through the period of British rule interrupted briefly by the Japanese occupation, to independence and thereafter. It brings together in one volume the important bibliography lists of publications relating to the history of Singapore ranging from official records, parliamentary records, academic exercises, theses, book chapters, journal articles, journals to newspapers. The titles listed are mainly in the English, Chinese, and Japanese language with a small number in the Malay language. All titles are held by NUS Libraries.

The printed bibliography was published by NUS Libraries in 1999 to mark the 180th anniversary of the founding of modern Singapore by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. To enhance its accessibility to the users, the metadata was ingested into our digital collection which enables search functionality. The online edition contains both the English and Chinese & Japanese bibliographic entries on separate sections in Digital Gems.

Bibliography lists

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