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MAR 2021 | ISSUE 22
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We know it’s been a stressful few weeks in NUS, so we thought we’d provide a relaxing reading break through an exploration of the rich heritage of Natural Asia.

This Week’s Reads:
The Natural Heritage of Asia

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Eternally mysterious Mount Fuji, as seen from Lake Kawaguchiko, remains a powerful force in Japanese culture and a must-do hike for truth-seekers despite the crowds and the looming threat of eruption.

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Angkor is increasingly understood both as a collection of religious monuments and walled enclosures, and as a sprawling, low-density settlement complex, connected to a more densely populated urban core by a vast network of infrastructure.

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Today the temple of Borobudur endures as a symbol of quiet resilience—the world’s largest Buddhist temple, located in a country with a Muslim majority. If the UNESCO World Heritage site seems to rise above political unrest and economic instability like a lotus blooming in muddy water, that’s by design.

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It was going to be such an original elective-to Nepal-until I discovered that at least five other students in my year had had the same idea. However, not to be deterred, I decided that Kathmandu was not my image of Nepalese culture and so I opted for the wilds of the Himalayas.

Literary Journal
We’re launching our very own Literary Journal! Each month, we’ll publish a few articles discussing the trendiest authors, books and reading news. Simply put, Lirra’s Literary Journal is your go-to publication for all things reading.
Rereading Harry Potter

5 award-winning female authors – To commemorate International Women’s Day as a milestone in our march towards equality, we shone a spotlight on some of the award-winning female authors who have been turning pages in the literary scene around the world, from Poland to America to our very own shores in Singapore. Head over to our link here to learn more about their contributions.

Partner Promotion
The Space Opera Subgenre

WELCOME10 for BooksActually – During our recent Kopi Talks, we were excited to have Kenny Leck, founder of BooksActually, talk about how he has adapted his business model to the disruptions caused by digitization and the pandemic.

One of his biggest strategic moves was to permanently shut his physical shop in Tiong Bahru, and focus fully on his webstore,

Whether you’re purchasing a gift for a friend, or just want to be inspired by a unique book, Kenny’s online store has got something for you. Specially for our followers, enter code WELCOME10 for 10% off your next purchase. Head over to the BooksActually store in our bio to get your reading fix now!


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