You would have gotten your results by now. The student feedback has also been released to us. In the interest of transparency, I’ve left a copy of the Module Report and Teacher Report (for myself) in Luminus Files, if you want to see them. The overall impressions are consistent with previous semesters–as you can see in the chart below (click through to see).

Note that A/P Mike Pelczar and I normally take turns to run the module–I do Semester 1, he does Semester 2.┬áSince some students have written in to inquire, you can help pass the word if a friend asks. Prof Pelczar’s version of the module will be largely similar but is not identical in topics and readings, and we don’t organize all aspects of the module in the same way. You will need to look at the Luminus page for details.

For the coming academic year’s Semester 1, however, I will (almost certainly) not be teaching GET1029, as I will be working on creating and implementing a large new module for the College of Humanities and Sciences.

All the best and see you around NUS! Don’t forget to watch our closing podcast,

Feedback Ratings for GET1029/Loy over three AYs


AY2020-2021, SEM 1 AY2019-2020, SEM 1 AY2018-2019, SEM 1
Enrolment 458 447 444
Responses 324 261 320
Overall opinion of the module 4.269 4.333 4.037
Expected Grade 3.895 4.004 3.867
Difficulty level of the module 4.006 3.962 4.006
Overall, the teacher is effective 4.601 4.644 4.442
The teacher has enhanced my thinking ability 4.579 4.632 4.417
The teacher provided timely and useful feedback 4.425 4.519 4.286
The teacher has increased my interest in the subject 4.433 4.556 4.293
The teacher was even-handed and fair in discussion and evaluation 4.524 4.534 4.320
The teacher provided useful feedback for improving my writing and argumentation skills 4.214 4.129 3.951
I would recommend this teacher to other students 4.587 4.585 4.382
Number of nominations for teaching award 144 125 123
Nominations as % of responses 44.4% 47.9% 38.4%
Nominations as % of enrolment 31.4% 28.0% 27.7%