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COVID-19 has indeed created many new norms and taken its toll on many of us, but more heavily on some, especially those from the more vulnerable group.

COVID-19 has indeed taken its toll on many of us, but more heavily on some – especially those from more vulnerable groups than others.

During these trying times, we hope to extend some support to our lower-income front-liners at FASS. They are our cleaners, guards and gardeners, who put themselves out there and toil tirelessly to keep our environment safe and clean. The External Relations & Student Life (ERSL) Team has embarked on this project to gather the faculty’s help to alleviate some of their daily meal expenses and spread some cheer.

We hope to raise at least $2,000 (per our application to Temasek Trust) to qualify for their additional funding under the oscar@sg fund. We thereby sincerely appeal to you for your generous donation, as well as to show your appreciation for the front-liners’ hard work.

Your donation will:

  • Provide them with hot meals at FASS The Deck (it will support the stalls as well, as their incomes have been affected by COVID-19)
  • Support a Care Pack
  • Support future projects if funds allow

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will go a long way in showing that FASS cares.

Spread a little cheer and support – make your donation NOW (latest 20 Dec 2020).