Networked and Mobile Gaming, 2014/15


Update: IT Care has not resolved the issue wrt creating IVLE chat room. I will have to cancel the tutorial sessions for today.

The plan is to conduct our tutorial via IVLE chat, during our regular tutorial time.

But I have failed to create IVLE chat rooms for our tutorial tomorrow. IVLE refused and told me no slot is available and insists that I choose another date/time, even though the list of taken time slot shows otherwise. I have asked for help from IT care.

Please watch out this post for the latest update. Hopefully I will get the link to the chat room up here tomorrow.

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  1. Perhaps we can consider alternatives like Webex or a shared Google document (it has chat functionality).

    • Ooi Wei Tsang

      March 11, 2015 at 11:07 am

      Thanks for the suggestions, Yang Shun. I am not familiar with WebEx (could have attended Ben’s briefing but I wasn’t expecting that I will use it). I tried but I have technical difficulties setting up WebEx too. I can’t even get pass the login screen :(

      I wanted to avoid Google Doc since it is hard for me to tell who is who.

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