You should received your assignment 1 grade and comments back in your NUS email. The PDF is annotated. Some of you may have issues reading the annotation using some PDF reader (esp on mobile devices). Please try another PDF reader if you don’t see any annotation at all.

If you don’t receive anything, or can’t see any annotation after trying very hard, or is surprised by your grade, feel free to contact me.

Most of you are able to obtain the basic traffic traces and characterize the traffic in terms of throughput, packet load, and packet size properly. Well done! There are, however, many of you who did not plot a histogram properly. Most common mistakes are (i) use non-uniform bucket size, (ii) use non-integer bucket, (iii) plot packet size versus time.

The analysis of traffic patterns, especially the periodic pattern, is missing in many submissions.

Here are your grades:

024U	B+
063M	A 
075E	B-
076N	B+
103N	B+
217A	A
234N	A-
422A	A-
441B	B
454U	A-
498A	A+
541L	B+
557Y	A 
613L	B
656X	A-
676R	B
683X	B+
695H	A 
718U	A
726B	B+
734A	B
742W	A
747W	A-
751U	B+
758E	A-
812X	B
829B	A-
856J	A
860W	B
909Y	A
924M	C+
924R	-
934R	A
988U	A
998R	B

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