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Schedule for Week 9

As you may know, Wei Tsang is out of town for a conference trip during Week 9. Dr. Anand Bhojan will be your guest lecture for Week 9, where he will share with you his research work on energy efficient gaming.

There is no tutorial for Week 9.

Despite missing two weeks of tutorials, we should be able to catch up on the questions before the end of the semester.


Update: IT Care has not resolved the issue wrt creating IVLE chat room. I will have to cancel the tutorial sessions for today.

The plan is to conduct our tutorial via IVLE chat, during our regular tutorial time.

But I have failed to create IVLE chat rooms for our tutorial tomorrow. IVLE refused and told me no slot is available and insists that I choose another date/time, even though the list of taken time slot shows otherwise. I have asked for help from IT care.

Please watch out this post for the latest update. Hopefully I will get the link to the chat room up here tomorrow.

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npm on Windows

For those having trouble running npm and node on Windows, see


This is due to a bug in node’s installation (https://github.com/joyent/node/issues/8141)

Project Team Registration

To register your project team, please email me the following:

For each team member,

  • Name, Student ID, Github ID
  • For each team,

  • A group selfie
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