You can find your Assignment 3 grade and comments in your mailbox. Click “more” to double check that the grade is entered correctly. As usual, if there is any surprise in my comments and your grades, let me know ASAP.

This is an open ended assignment and many different solutions are submitted. The best (and closest to the solution I came up with) is the one by Yang Shun and Hieu (read their report here). Basically, the idea is to find the set of ships that could possibly collide with a rocket, and only send the “fire” commands to these ships. Two other teams have similar solutions. This turned out to be tricky to compute, but with some thoughts, it is doable.

Another popular solution that does not work as well is to use cell-based, distance IM (either a fixed distance or a “cross” ala Problem Set 2). If “turn” or “fire” are sent only when the ship/rocket enters into the AOI, the player will see sudden appearance / teleportation of ships/rockets. Depending on the implementation, this could be either subtle or annoying. Another tricky part is to compute the cell a ship/rocket is in efficiently. If you compute the cell every gameLoop(), it is going to be slow. So you need to predict when a rocket/ship will cross the boundary and update the cell the rocket/ship belongs to only then.

Most of you got the efficiency part right, by considering only rockets and ships in each other’s AOI. But, note that if you recompute the AOI of every rocket and every ship in a loop before checking hasHit(), it does not actually make it more efficient! It would be more efficient only if hasHit() is more expensive to compute than the AOI, which is not the case here.

Several teams tried the multiple server solutions, but none got it perfectly right.

024U    12  
063M    16  
075E    13  
076N    14  
103N    12  
217A    12  
234N    14  
422A    13  
441B    10  
454U    10  
498A    16  
541L    12  
557Y    12  
613L    12  
656X    13  
676R    13  
683X    13  
695H    13  
718U    13  
726B    13  
734A    15  
742W    12  
747W    13  
751U    12  
758E    12  
812X    14  
829B    14  
856J    12  
860W    13  
909Y    12  
924M    12  
924R    13  
934R    15  
988U    12  
998R    13
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