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Project: Grades, Comments, and Making Your Repo Public

I have finished grading the projects, and am very happy with what you have achieved. Compared to previous years, I have seen more creative games, more thoughtful decisions into what algorithms to implement (and equally important — what not to implement), and more cohesive teamwork. Some of the games not only meet the academic expectation for CS4344 but also is polished enough to be unleashed on real users. Bravo and please pat yourself on your back.

I would like to make all your repo public. If you have any concern about me doing so (e.g., you committed some embarassing code, you included some commercial library/asset), let me know before May 15.

Considering only the academic expectation of CS4344, here are your grades. Most teams that made good decisions about how to deal with network delay and synchronize the game states receive A-/A/A+ range. A few team is lacking in this respect and receives B/B+. A few students received one grade lower than the rest of the teammates, as their contributions are significantly less as reflected in git’s commit log.

024U      B
063M      A+
075E      A
076N      A
103N      B-
217A      A-
234N      A
422A      A
441B      A
454U      A
498A      A+
541L      A-
557Y      B
656X      A-
676R      A-
683X      B+
695H      B+
718U      B+
726B      A-
734A      B+
742W      B+
747W      A-
751U      A
758E      A-
812X      A+
829B      A+
856J      B+
860W      B
909Y      A
924M      A-
924R      A+
934R      A+
988U      B
998R      A+


Congratulations to all the teams for the great demos on display tonight. The guests are very impressed with the quality of the games that you have developed! Well done everyone.

The three projects identified as particularly outstanding by the judges are Elemetal Frenzy, Fighting Arena, and Nutty Ninja X. Here are their trailers!

STePS Trailer

Project Submission Reminder/Addenum

  • Please deposit your project report into the IVLE Workbin by the deadline.
  • Please remember to merge your code into the master branch at github.  I will pull a copy after submission deadline.

Project Demo

To let others play your game today during class, please update this Google Sheet with your game’s URL.

Project Milestone 2

Please doodle a time to meet here as a team.

I expect to see something that runs by this milestone, so please come into the meeting prepared, with server, client, etc. set up.

Doodle for Project Checkpoint

To schedule your project checkpoint, please doodle your availability *as a team* here.


Project Videos from AY13/14

Here are some videos of CS4344’s projects from AY13/14. I showed the trailer in the first lecture, here are the longer ones.

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