Screencast 12

Every semester I lost at least one screencast due to human errors or technical problems. I thought I would get away this semester without a hitch, but alas, on the last lecture, the screencast for the last half of the lecture is lost.

So, here is the screencast for the first half of Lecture 12.

For the second half, I wrote down what I said as much as I can remember, to finish off the “ls” example. Here is the PDF file.

27 thoughts on “Screencast 12

      • It seems that my screen recorder not only did not capture the second part, but left the first part in an inconsistent state!

        I have reencoded and reposted. Please report if you have any more new problem.

  1. Prof, I am wondering if you still have a copy of last year screencast? I guess it will be useful for all of us as well.

  2. dear prof,

    in the transcript (page 5, slide 15). the process should join at the default priority (in linux) while highest priority (in MLFQ) correct?

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