URL Update

If any of the URLs is broken in the lab handout, please add “1112s1” to the URL.

For example, instead of




Lab 8: Comments

Lab 8 has been graded. The grades and comments are available through IVLE gradebook.

As usual, please take a look and let me know if you see any unpleasant surprise.

Most of you did not setup the pipes properly. When I print out what you pipe/dup/close, things are pretty messy. Some create extra pipes, some do not close unused ends, some close everything, some dup the file descriptors in wrong order, etc.

We deduct marks according depending on how serious is your bug.

It’s very sad that despite multiple warnings, students still do not follow instructions, resulting in extra time needed to grade the labs, and delaying the release of marks for everyone. As promised in the lab sheet, 3 marks are deducted accordingly for these students *heart pain*