Lab 7: Comments

Lab 7 has been graded and posted on IVLE gradebook.  Mr. Fang graded the lab and has the following comments for you:

The average score of lab 7 is 13.7 out of 15, most of the students get a very good grade for this lab. Below are some comments on some of the common mistakes.

For question 1(b), some students think that the difference in program counter is due to the function call printf(). However, this is not the case. We can verify this by duplicating the line of printf() a few times, and observe the output.

For question 3(b), some students did not indicate the unit and some students get confuse with milliseconds (ms), microseconds (us) and nanosecond (ns).

Some of the questions require the answer to be within 500 characters, this is to encourage the students to answer only what is asked instead of putting down everything on the topic.

We received several emails about 3(c).  The right solution equation takes the form of (m+h = ..) and (m + 4h = ..) If you got this wrong, you should make sure that you understand why this is so.  I think understanding this part means that you have a good understanding of how page access/page faults work.

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  1. For 3(c), when the question said that m represented the overhead of a page fault, did that mean that it included the time to access the page together with the time needed to retrieve the page from memory?

    • No — the term overhead means “extra work” so it does not include the time to read from the memory.

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