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  • Percussion Music at Music Library

    NUS Music Library has an excellent collection of CDs. In this article, I’ve highlighted some percussion music for your listening pleasure. Among the easy listening pieces is Ichiyanagi’s Paganini Personal for marimba and piano from Striking a Balance: Contemporary Percussion Music. This is a set of variations on the well-known 24th Caprice by Paganini. Written […]

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  • Closing Music

    Since the beginning of the academic year, the libraries have been playing the closing music performed by the students of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. The first piece performed by the Conservatory Orchestra is from Schubert’s first movement of Symphony No. 5 in B-flat major, D.485. This is followed by the Nocturne from […]

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  • Browsing the Music CDs and DVDs

    Discover the rich collection of CDs and DVDs at the Music Library! The jewel cases of our CDs and DVDs are now shelved by running numbers, instead of being kept with the discs within the office. This change came about to facilitate browsing. So now, you can check the catalogue for the stack number of the CD or DVD that […]

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  • Gifts from Teaching Staff

    The Music Library has been very privileged to receive gifts of CDs and music scores from our teaching staff. Dr Peter Edwards donated scores and CDs by visiting composer Christopher Adler in August 09.  Among these are : Ecstatic volutions in a neon haze; Epilogue for a dark day; Mineralia; and Transcontinental. Dr Edwards has also […]

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  • Display of Compositions by YSTCM Students

    The Music Library is proud to present the compositions of our very own students, Chen Zhangyi and Emily Koh. These graduating students are accomplished musicians and composers and the Music Library is pleased to hold an exhibition of samples of their works. Singaporean Chen Zhangyi, a final-year composition major at the conservatory, has represented Singapore […]